My three year old loved his corn dog that he ate half of. He also enjoyed sharing the tasty home cut fries and perfectly cooked onion rings. I had a tasty italian beef, was moist and tender!! My fiance enjoyed the double play hot dog special. Quite tasty.

Angel S.

The Flying Weenie is one of a kind. If you are in the CeDUH Rapids, Iowa area, it is simply a MUST STOP to eat! Authentic Chicago Dogs, Italian Sausages (which the owner grinds, seasons, and stuffs himself), gyros, home made fries, and everything else on the menu is to die for! A job moved us away from the area, the great flood came in 2008 - but the Gods saved this place from flood waters and it it still alive, well, and delicious as ever!

What a treat after 11 years away! Reasonably priced Everything made fresh to order, so it could take a little time, but your patience will be rewarded and your taste buds will thank you!

Can't miss it. Fashioned out of an old gas and service station, and an airplane 'crashed' on the roof. Brightly colored. Did not appear handicap friendly as far as wheelchairs go. But everything else should be good!

Matt A.

Pleasant quick service and they are not kidding about great prices. The food is hot, tasty and you get so much for what you pay.

Nicole L.

I mean...I've never had a bad Italian beef here and the hot giardiniera is nice and hot, not just in name only. Fries are good, also.

Jeremy M.

Went in for lunch, great menu, authentic chicago dogs, some of the best fresh cut fries I've ever had and plenty of choices to satisfy and palette. I ordered a brat, it's a 10 minute wait but worth every second. It was a foot long work of art extending out of each end of the golden fresh baked bun.


Off the charts delicious. Love this place. I took my kids there and now they take their kids there.

Kim Clark

Most unique restaurant visually in town. Should be on your list of things to do if visiting. Chicago dogs are very good. Try the gyro also very good. Thumbs up!

Cr F.

A Cedar Rapid icon to be sure. The best dogs in Iowa. If you didn't stop, you made a mistake.

Jake P.