All Dogs are all Beef Red Hot Chicago Brand

All Sausages are specially made fresh here!

* = Served with Fries

Topping Choices

Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, Sweet Relish, Dill Spears, Tomatoes, Mayo, Kraut, Peanut Butter, Peppers (hot or mild)

* Chicago Dog

$5.75 Meal - Entree $4.05

Topped with mustard, dill spears, onion, tomatoes, relish, sports peppers,celery salt, or topped your way

*Pulled Chicken (Plain or BBQ)


Chicken and Dumplings (Seasonal)

S $5.75 / L $6.95 / 1/2 Gallon $15.95

Italian Beef


*1/2 Italian Beef with Fries


This is the real thing. Cooked, seasoned and sliced daily in our kitchen

Combo (Italian Beef with an Italian Sausage Link)


1/2 Beef Special


BBQ Beef (Italian beef BBQ'd)


*1/2 BBQ with Fries


*Italian Sausage (HOT)


*Polish Sausage


Sausage By Foot




Gyros (4oz)


Kronos brand meat from Chicago served traditionally on a pita bread with Onion, Tomato, and Tzatziki Sauce

Gyros Fries Drink Special


Gyros Meat by LB


Double Play


Two Dogs, No fries, your choice of toppings

Double Play Special


With Fries & A Drink

*Chili Dog (Dog with lots of Homemade Chili)


*Chili Cheese Dog (Lots of Chili and covered with cheese)


* Gyro Dog


*Bacon Cheese Dog


*Big Dog (1/4 lb)


*Big Wienie (1/2 lb dog!)


*Single Burger 1/4 lb


*Double Burger 1/2 lb


*Pulled Pork (Plain or BBQ)


*Big Fish Sandwich (It's Huge!!)


*Single Chili Cheeseburger


*Double Chili Cheeseburger


*Pork Tenderloin


*Chicken Chunks


*Breaded Chicken Sandwich


* Grilled Chicken Sandwich ( Teriyaki or BBQ )


Whole Rack Of Ribs


No sides

Half Rack Of Ribs


No sides

*Baby Back Ribs


Made with homemade BBQ sauce. Dinner with fries and beans



With Fries and Beans

LT Beef By LB


Soup Prices

Small $5.75
Large $6.95
1/2 Gal $15.95